Teachers Are Models Of Peace And Calm

Jun 29, 2021

When I was a kid, I often looked to my teachers for cues on how to react to big events. Whether it was a hurricane hitting my town, 9-11, or the day after an election, my teachers were the adults in my life who modeled calm in the face of uncertainty. This was something I could not always depend on at home, or from my friends, and certainly not from the news media. Teachers modeled this peace and calm for me.

Looking back, this doesn’t feel fair to the teachers for having that pressure put upon them. They were humans too, and felt the same anxiety and fear as everyone else. When the Twin Towers were hit, Mr. Krause didn’t have to put his students in a circle and calm us down. He was probably freaking out inside, and yet I didn’t see that for a moment. Instead, we talked and he listened.

On the days after elections, when I’m sure many of my teachers were feeling disappointment, they all stayed cloaked in grace and optimism.

This is why teachers are amazing. Not that they can’t (or have to) hide their emotions. It’s that one of the unique roles in their profession is that they model peace and calm for kids who desperately need peace and calm.

You can’t control the election.

You can’t control the election or the people around you reacting to it right now. You might be feeling anxiety this morning. Whatever side of the political fence you are on, this election is adding stress to an already stressful season. There’s nothing wrong with feeling fear and anxiety.

However, you can be a person of peace and resolve for your students today. Be real and be honest, but also know that they are following your cue. While that may feel like a burden, know that you are having a tremendous impact on their lives in doing so.


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