Authentic, Engaging Project Based Learning

At its core Epic Project Based Learning (PBL) is about making learning authentic. PBL adds relevancy and real world challenges to the work students accomplish, and in the process makes learning more engaging and memorable.
Epic PBL provides a diverse range of workshops, courses, videos, blogposts, and resources on Project Based Learning, tailored for educators who aspire to empower their students further.
Whether you're just getting your feet wet with PBL or aspiring to train your entire district in Project Based Learning, Epic PBL has the pathway for you.  




Discover the Project Based Learning Master Class asynchronous online course and learn everything you need to start PBL in your classroom.

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All the tools you need to plan and lead a thriving PBL classroom

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Project Based Learning really boils down to giving purpose to student work. This is why PBL is for every student, every teacher, in every classroom. 


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Project Based Learning Workshops and Consulting.

Trevor Muir's Epic Project Based Learning workshops were developed after years of working in a New Tech project based learning school, as well as his experience as a Buck Institute National Faculty member. Through this engaging and learning-intensive program, Trevor teaches any educator from any grade level how to implement project based learning in their school and classroom.

1 Day Workshop

The goal of the 1 Day workshop is for teachers to leave feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped to plan and execute projects in their own classrooms. Along with the understanding of why PBL has a place in their classrooms, participants will begin planning their own projects based on standards from their specific grade level and content areas.

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2 Day Workshop

Building upon the 1 Day, educators will learn about project management and assessment, as well as fully plan a project based learning project. Using the provided tools and resources, participants will collaborate with their peers as well as Trevor to design a complete PBL project. The goal of the 2 Day is for teachers to leave with a fully planned, standards-based project ready for students, as well as confidence to plan further projects outside of the workshop setting..

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Coaching & Consulting

Once teachers have a firm grasp on planning, launching, and managing project based learning projects, consulting provides sustained support to deepen PBL practice in the classroom. Trevor meets one-on-one or with small groups of teachers to ensure their success. Consulting is based on the specific needs of teachers, but often includes brainstorming project ideas, creating authentic connections to content standards, & designing authentic assessments.

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PBL Expert, Trevor Muir

Trevor is a teacher, author, and speaker. He is the author of the Project Based Learning books The Epic Classroom and The Collaborative Classroom. From leading PBL in middle school, high school, and college classrooms, Trevor has learned that one of the greatest motivators for strong student work and deeper learning is giving that learning purpose. When students know that their work is making a difference, engagement increases and lives transform. He also has learned that the same applies for the teacher, and leading Project Based Learning makes the work of the educator more purposeful as well.

Hear what others are saying about the Trevor's PBL Workshop.


My students are loving coming to class more than ever.

-Meghan Saenz

3rd grade teacher


Trevor's workshop got me fired up to try PBL. It was all so practical for my classroom.

-Kevin Bennett

10th grade teacher


My whole staff went through Trevor's workshop, and they are all now feeling confident & excited about Project Based Learning.

-Jeannine Teal


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The Epic Project Based Learning Toolkit

All The Tools You Need To Plan and Lead a Thriving PBL Classroom

  • Resources to plan epic PBL projects
  • Rubric to assess collaborative work
  • Project management and other collaboration tools

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The PBL Master Class will transform your teaching.

PBL expert, Trevor Muir, takes you step by step in each of the 16 video lessons on how to plan, manage, and assess rich and engaging Project Based Learning. Teachers will finish the course not only inspired to incorporate PBL into their own classrooms, but prepared to do it right away.

This course covers:
  • The fundamentals of PBL
  •  Project planning and brainstorming
  • Building inquiry and empowering students
  • Project management and leading successful collaboration
  • Making community connections
  • Assessment in PBL
  • Creating an authentic classroom setting
  • Building essential 21st century skills
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What we're going to cover:

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Project Based Learning

This module is about defining the key components of a "Main Course" PBL project.

Module 2: Planning a PBL Project

This module is about learning best practices to come up with strong project ideas and planning successful PBL projects.

Module 3: Building Inquiry & Empowering Students

This module shares strategies to help promote and maintain inquiry while empowering students throughout a project.

Module 4: Project Management

From leading strong classroom collaboration to helping students create strong work that they're proud of, this module is all about managing and facilitating projects.

Module 5: Making Community Connections

Discover how to connect with different members of the community to increase authenticity in PBL projects.

Module 6: Assessment in PBL

Assessment in PBL is having a 'growth mindset' to help students develop their content knowledge and essential skills. This module is about how to do that.

Module 7: Creating an Authentic Classroom Setting

This module is all about designing a classroom setting that allows your PBL project stories to flourish.

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The Collaborative Classroom Book

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The Epic Classroom Book 

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