Let's Make Learning Unforgettable.

Every student has the potential for greatness. I help educators increase student and staff engagement and unlock that potential through my books, speaking,
courses, clubs and blog.

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Let's Make Learning Unforgettable.


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Dynamic keynotes, workshops, and consulting to inspire all educators.

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"Every teacher wants to have the kind of impact Trevor is talking about."


Craig Hammond

Executive Director, Nashville Public Schools

Meet Trevor 

My name is Trevor and I believe every student has a potential for greatness, and educators hold the key to unlocking that potential by building relationships and crafting learning experiences that are engaging and transformative.

That's why I teach students with Project Based Learning. It’s why I give keynotes, workshops, and write about my work in the classroom and how effective authentic education can be. It’s the reason I presented a TED talk at Tedx San Antonio called "School Should Take Place in the Real World," and write for publications like EdWeek, Edutopia, and WeAreTeachers.

It’s why I run the Facebook page The Epic Classroom, and get to connect with millions of other like-minded educators from all walks of life.

I believe in students, I believe in teachers, and I believe in what school has the potential of being.

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