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Trevor Muir is a passionate educator, speaker, and author who believes in the transformative power of education. He has gained international recognition for his innovative teaching methods and inspiring content, which empower teachers and students to unleash their full potential.

Trevor began his career as a teacher at a New Tech National Lab Site school in Michigan, where he taught middle and high school using project-based learning. From his experience there and from leading PBL in a more traditional school, as well as his time as a National Faculty Member for the Buck Institute, Trevor founded EpicPBL, one of the leading project-based learning training programs in America. While continuing to teach pre-service teachers at Grand Valley State University, Trevor also delivers keynote speeches and conducts workshops about student engagement and teacher success at schools and conferences all around the world.

Trevor's dedication to education is reflected in his books, videos, blog, and podcast which showcase his work in the classroom and the effectiveness of purposeful learning. He is also the founder of The Epic Classroom, his social media where he connects with millions of educators who share his passion for teaching and learning.

Trevor believes in the potential of every student and teacher, and his work is driven by his desire to create positive change in the educational landscape to unlock more of that potential.

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Because I've experienced the roller coaster of emotions teachers ride throughout the school year, it is such a joy to inspire, motivate and equipĀ teachers through speaking engagementsĀ and workshops.

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