The Question Formulation Technique

Nov 15, 2022

The Question Formulation Technique (QFT), developed by the Right Question Institute, is a method to help students generate and improve their questions. Asking questions is an essential skill. It's how we express our curiosity, solve problems, engage in public discourse, and gain deeper understanding of what we are learning. The Question Formulation Technique helps students become masters at asking questions so they can do it long after their time in the classroom. 

The Question Formulation Technique Infographic breaks down the steps for QFT. After choosing a focus subject (passage in a book, online article, lecture, experiment, etc.) teachers can walk their students through each step in the QFT. Through the process, students will produce, improve, prioritize, and then finally ask their questions. This is followed by reflection where students internalize the QFT process. 

Click here to download the poster as a printable PDF for your classroom.

Download the poster as a printable PDF.


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