How A Kid Who Hated School Became A Teacher

Jun 28, 2021

Here’s how this C student who hated school decided to become a teacher.

If you knew me outside of school in high school, you would have known a very different kid than the one you saw in school. Outside of school I was passionate and full of life and energy, always looking for the next big adventure. But if you knew me in school, so if you were my teacher, you saw a completely different version of me. You saw a kid with very little motivation who did very little to contribute to what was going on in the classroom.

I was that student who just sat there quietly and never raised his hand and did the bare minimum to get by. I hated school, I didn’t like my teachers, and spent most of my childhood dreaming of the day I would no longer have to be there.

And yet I became a teacher, dedicating my professional life to being in classrooms.

Here is how that happened and how discovering purpose is one of the keys to thriving in career and life.

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