28: How to Get Your Students’ Attention (Without losing your cool)

Most teachers have been through this exact scenario: You try to start class with a line like, “Okay everyone, we’re going to get started.” And a couple students might glance up at you, indignant that this adult is bothering them. So a little louder you say, “Everyone! Time to start class!” This gets the attention of a few more students, but still the majority of kids keep talking to each other, ignoring the fact that their teacher is in the front of the room with a face that is becoming redder and redder. Finally, you lose your temper, RAISE YOUR VOICE, the room goes quiet, and you are left feeling a little embarrassed, and even more, frustrated that it takes yelling to get your class’ attention. Struggling to start off class or return from a group activity is a challenge every teacher faces. However, as important as it is to get your students’ attention and be as efficient with time as possible, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 10 ways to get the attention of even the noisiest group of students without raising your voice or losing your cool.