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                                                Speaking at MACUL 2014

                                                Speaking at MACUL 2014

Trevor's first passion is exciting students to become enthusiastic, engaged, and impassioned learners. His second love is inspiring others to do the same.

Using storytelling, giving examples from the classroom, and sharing proven and effective practices- Trevor inspires educators to lead a more compelling and engaging classroom. In the past few years, Trevor has given keynotes and workshops to a variety of educators across the country, including a TED Talk at TEDx San Antonio. Trevor offers the perspective of an author, spoken word poet, project based learning expert, and most importantly- a classroom teacher, to help teachers transform their classrooms and communities to reimagine their schools.

Please check out the Videos page for examples of some of his past talks. 

From short, day-long, and multi-day workshops to keynote speeches, Trevor give concrete tools, ideas, and inspiration to educators and non-educators. 

Frequently Requested Talks:

The Epic Classroom: How to teach using the power of story and projects

Is there any point in learning something if you’re just going to forget it?

And this begs a bigger question: if learning is not memorable, should it even be considered learning?
Trevor shares how educators can shape their classrooms using the power of storytelling and brain science to achieve real student engagement, and in return, learning that is permanent and memorable. Any teacher, in any subject area, and in any grade level can use these practical and proven practices to transform their classrooms into settings where students are engaged, challenged, and transformed.

Keynote - Can do full workshop on topic as well

Project Based Learning 101

Trevor’s PBL 101 course was developed after years of working in a New Tech project based learning school, as well as his experience as a Buck Institute National Faculty member. Through this engaging and learning-intensive program, Trevor teaches any educator from any grade level how to implement project based learning in their school and classroom.

Using Tech For Authentic Curriculum

There is a difference between getting students ready for the real world and actually immersing them in it. Making learning real and authentic breeds enthusiasm in the classroom, and enthusiasm breeds success. This session will be a conversation of how certain technologies can be used to enhance authenticity in the classroom.

Coming Alive at 14

This talk for new teachers is about persistence with difficult students and finding ways to connect with them. By finding authentic ways to engage them in the classroom, as well as learning their stories and building relationships, connections can be made with the most difficult students. 
This talk is part inspirational and part instructional as it shares teaching practices that create an engaged and meaningful classroom for all students.

Story-Centered Learning Workshop

Storytelling is essential to the human experience. This medium of communication is not only proven to be the best way of sharing information, but also for learning and retaining that information. Class can be designed and taught in the format of a story. This workshop gives concrete methods, practices, and resources to create a story-centric classroom, an innovative project based learning model.

Other Topics

Teaching Creative Writing

Service Learning: Why and How

Standards-Based Grading

Trevor is a dynamic speaker who fuses humor, thoughtful insights and powerful storytelling into his sessions and keynotes. He understands what truly matters and conveys it in a way that is powerful and approachable. Audience members leave feeling both inspired and empowered.
— John Spencer- Author, speaker, and professor at George Fox University.
Trevor works hard and is dedicated. He brought so much energy and excitement to our stage!
— Chris Sandovol, Chair of Programming - TEDX SAN ANTONIO
As a talented education professional, Trevor brings his dynamic, energetic personality to all that he does. His thoughtfulness, concern and compassion for his students is matched with his broad subject matter knowledge and ability to engage others. Trevor represents the excellence of spirit and dedication to the teaching profession that is often hard to come by.
— Ron Houtman- Ed Tech Consultant, Director of REMC8, MACUL Board Member
We love having Trevor as our speaker! His talks are exceptionally moving. He not only gives our graduates good information, but continues to inspire and reassure those of us who are teaching teachers.
— Stacy Slmoski, Professional Development Coordinator - Aquinas College

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