About Me

I have seen time and time again a hidden brilliance in the students I encounter in my classroom. For too long this brilliance has been stifled by a system that represses creativity and innovation with rows, textbooks, and lectures. But I am part of a tribe of people working to unleash the potential of every student we encounter by rethinking and retooling what this system looks like.

I am a teacher.

That's why I teach students with project based learning. And give keynotes, workshops, and write about my work in the classroom and how effective authentic education can be. I presented a TED talk at Tedx San Antonio called "School Should Take Place in the Real Word," and my work has been featured in EdWeek, The Huffington Post, and WeAreTeachers.

I am the former senior editor for School Leaders Now, and am currently a professor at Grand Valley State University.

My beautiful bride is named Alli and we have a boy named Jack and little princess named Piper. Their favorite activities are pointing out rocks and riding our golden retriever Zeke. 

School should not be boring. Life either.